Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

Weekly Inspections

Food Scores Thru March 26, 2015


Kangaroo (Beulah)  98

Thermometers not found in some coolers


Ideal Market Deli (D.S.)  98

F’real Milkshakes stored on floor in walk-in cooler


Brook Hollow Farm Catering  100


Huck’s  (South Main)  98

Floor beneath drink dispensers need cleaning

Wall behind drink dispensers need cleaning


Ferrell’s  100


Ideal Market Deli  (Princeton Rd)  100


Applebee’s  95

Styrofoam cup used for scoop

Water Well needs cleaning

Floor mat on prep table

Scoop handle touching ice in ice bin


New Mr. Wok  96

Bags of cabbage stored on floor

Uncovered food in walk-in cooler

Scoop handle touching food product


Mt. Fuji  95

Uncovered food in coolers

Scoop handle touching food product

Bags of food in cooler not date marked


Pizza Hut  98

Grease build-up on floor by deep fryer

Grease on outside of deep fryer

Grease on wall behind deep fryer


Pierce’s Market & Deli (Manitou) 100


Hopkins County Central Football Concessions  99

Duct tape on popcorn machine door


Ideal Market Deli (Anton Rd.)  97

No thermometer found in small sandwich cooler

Liquid spillage in bottom of small sandwich cooler


Ideal Market Deli (Hanson) 99

Tops of freezers need cleaning


Big City Market & Coffee Bar  (Sugg St.)  100


James Madison School Café  100


Hometown Pharmacy  100


Nana”s Place  98

No hand towels by hand sink

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