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With a career spanning three decades, “Weird Al” Yankovic is a fixture in popular culture. As America’s premier satirist of popular music and culture and a New York Times bestselling children’s author, this multi-Grammy winner has sold more comedy albums than anyone else in history. His latest album, ALPOCALYPSE (June 11), was his highest ranking album ever—#9 on the Billboard charts. “White & Nerdy,” the lead video from his previous album has been viewed on the internet over 110 million times.
Al is instantly recognizable and makes frequent guest appearances in movies and television shows, usually playing himself. Al’s first movie was the cult-classic UHF (which he co-wrote and starred in in 1989). A director as well as a writer, Al also regularly creates his own specials for Comedy Central, MTV, Showtime, the Disney Channel, and more. “The Weird Al Show” ran in CBS’s children’s line up in 1997.

Al maintains a busy touring and recording schedule and is on the cutting edge of connecting with fans and using the internet to make his music and projects accessible. He keeps a blog at his website and has 3 million followers on Twitter.

Al lives with his wife and young daughter in Los Angeles. His first children’s book, WHEN I GROW UP (W 11), was an instant New York Times bestseller.

Billy is a small boy with a BIG imagination.

Mr. Booth is a serious teacher with a STRICT lesson plan.

When the irresistible force of Billy’s unrestrained creativity meets the immovable object of Mr. Booth’s fixed worldview, one thing is obvious: someone is going to leave a lot this school year!

The irrepressible Billy, star of the New York Times bestselling WHEN I GROW UP, returns in an uproarious back-to-school tale from the uniquely inspired “Weird Al” Yankovic. Dazzling wordplay and sparkling rhyme combine in this appreciation of the rewards and unabashed originality and the special joy of viewing the world gently askew.

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