Madisonville Outdoor Sculpture Competition Best of Show Announced

“Bramble Tunnel” wins the 2013 City of Madisonville Outdoor Sculpture Competition Best of Show!   Bramble Tunnel is on exhibit at the Sugg Street Art Park.  The Artist, Cathy Perry of Greenville, North Carolina has roots in Kentucky and was excited to place an entry in a location that her family could visit to see her work!  The artwork is made of wood and welded steel and has been featured in various shows around the country.  The intertwined vines and individually handcrafted leaves spark the imagination of on-lookers.
The Outdoor Sculpture Competition began 4 years ago as a community improvement project partnership between the City of Madisonville and the Community Improvement Foundation.  The idea developed out of the New Cities Initiative as a way to promote enhanced cultural experiences in the community.  The competition is bringing quality art to the city and promoting the beauty of the community through the development of the mini-parks.
The competition was announced in national sculpture publications and attracted artists both locally and regionally.  From the entries, the sculptures were reviewed by a local committee that selected 3 works to be placed on exhibit for one year.  While on display, the art pieces are available for purchase, with 25% of the sale going towards continued community improvement and fine art in Hopkins County.  Following the exhibition time, the art will be released to the new owner, if purchased, or returned to the artist.  The Outdoor Sculpture Competition is repeated annually and maintains a presence of new art in our community on a rotation basis!  For information regarding the purchase price of any sculpture, contact Shane Browning at the Community Foundation at 245-2250.
The CIFoundation First Place Award is presented to artist Shawn Morin of Bowling Green, Ohio for his work, “Four of a Kind”.  This piece is on display at the West Center Street Art Park.  Made of Granite and Marble, the six foot tall piece showcases a different view from every angle. 
Also entered in the competition is returning Evansville, Indiana artist Julie Byczynski, whose artwork, “Walking with Ferns - Sweetness of my Mother” is on exhibit at the Arch Street Park.  Julie explained upon installation that this piece was designed from the inspiration of her mother.  This intriguing sculpture offers viewers a work of “motion” as the artwork appears to be walking through the park!  The entire sculpture is made of steel that is treated to give a patina look and feel. 
This project in conjunction with other initiatives such as the Gallery Hop, numerous festivals, and the America in Bloom Madisonville movement are helping our city by making it more attractive to businesses and guests, enhancing cultural expression, and improving our overall impression to our residents and others!  For information on how to purchase any of these works of art, contact Shane Browning at the Community Improvement Foundation at 245-2250.