Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

Hopkins County Health Department
Hillside Villas  96
Spillage in dry storage area
Light shields needed on some lights
Utensils improperly stored
Wiping cloths improperly stored
New Mr. Wok  98
Improper scoop
Huddle House  78 (Follow-up required)
Wiping cloths improperly stored
Hair restraints needed by some employees
Handle broken on walk-in cooler
Spillage in walk-in cooler
Food not covered
Spillage in walk-in freezer
Cigarettes found in food prep area
Food spillage in cooking area
Spillage in cooling unit in front area of store
Thermometers needed in heating units
Dirty dishes improperly stored
Spillage around toaster area
Entry door broken
Trash build-up around dumpster
Ice scoop improperly stored
Touching “Ready to Eat” food without wearing gloves
Lively Stone Church Kitchen  100 
Southside Elementary Cafeteria  100
Hammack Moore House  100 
Bully’s Legend Bar & Restaurant  90
Wet cloths improperly stored
Hand towels not found at sinks
Thermometers not found in some cooling units
Food not date marked
Food handles in food product
Food spillage on large mixer
Shelves above pizza table needs cleaning
Lid on ice machine needs repair
J & T Market  100
Earlington Elementary School Cafeteria  98

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