Mowing Crews Getting Ready

Two contractors for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet plan to start mowing operations along Interstates, Parkways, and US Highways in KYTC District 2 on Monday, April 28, 2014.
A contractor will be starting along US 60 in Daviess County, then moving through Ohio, Muhlenberg, Hopkins, and Webster Counties.
Another contractor will start in Christian County.
Mowing crews will be working during daylight hours anytime weather allows Monday through Saturday.  The contractors are expected to be working along the Western Kentucky Parkway, the Natcher Parkway, Audubon Parkway, and Interstate 69 by about May 12th.  It will take several weeks for the crews to complete this first round of mowing along highways across the district.
Please use caution when you encounter these crews or state highway crews.   Mower operators often have to cross travel lanes as the go about their work cutting grass along state right of way.
Due to the level of activity, mowing zones should be approached with the same level of caution as other work zones.  Slow down, put down your cell phone, and pay close attention to what is ahead of you anytime you encounter a mowing zone.
Timely traffic advisories for the 11 counties of KYTC Highway District 2 are available by going to You do not have to be a Facebook member to access this page.


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