Hopkins County Weekly Restaurant Inspections

Food Scores Thru July 25, 2014
Western Ky Veterans Center  97
Wiping cloths improperly stored
Sugar spillage in stock room
Ceiling tiles stained/dirty
Blackwell’s  100
GE Canteen  94
Wiping cloths improperly stored
Ice machine needs cleaning
Ceiling tiles stained/dirty
Onions improperly stored
Floor in need of repair/cleaning
Fan needs cleaning
The Crowded House  99
Food containers not labeled
Pizza Express  100
Acapulco (Follow-up) 96 critical item another follow-up required
Employee drink container in ice machine
Acapulco (follow-up) 100
Hanson Station Coffee House (New) 100
Regional Senior Citizen Center  100
Carmike Cinemas  97
Hand sink needs repairing
Thermometers needed in cooling units
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