Vehicle Crash in Henderson County Sunday Leads to Meth Find, Arrests

            A one vehicle crash in Henderson County Sunday morning resulted in an alleged meth find and the arrest of the driver and passenger.
            According to the Henderson County Sheriff’s office, the crash occurred at the 7900 block of Zion Road at 11:30am.  The two occupants of the vehicle allegedly fled the scene before emergency crews arrived.
            The driver, 35 year old Joe Tinsley of Henderson, was found about three blocks from the collision.  The passenger, 44 year old Robert Shane Jenkins, of Newburgh, returned to the scene.
            With the assistance of Henderson Police, items were found deposited in a trash can that were indicative of a meth lab.  An active meth lab was also alleged to have been found in the trunk of the car.
            Both Tinsley and Jenkins were arrested and lodged in the Henderson County Detention Center.

Joseph Tinsley

Robert Jenkins
(photos courtesy of Henderson County Detention Center)


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